Born and raised in the ethnically heterogeneous city of Karachi, I have always had my own unique way of analysing scenarios. While the world might run to the south, I would head to the north.

To me, fashion is everything. It’s not only about pleasing the masses with red-carpet appearances or emulating the most recent trend on the runway. It’s discovering your identity, and showcasing it to the world. It’s pushing boundaries and expressing yourself a step further.

Many times, I have been asked why do not I take up blogging as a full-time job and I guess by now you have an idea why. If not, well, I do not believe in sticking to just ONE thing. That’s too mainstream and monotonous for my taste.

Apart from blogging, I live to eat and need an excuse to celebrate every day.

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Skin Type: Reptile

Hair Type: Horse Tail